Certification Courses

Level I – Basic Application

An introduction to functional principles of voice science and medicine. Explanation of vocal pedagogy terms from the marketplace and scientific or clinical terminology. Development of aural and kinesthetic awareness. Applies function through exercises to change vocal output, creating balance in the instrument.

Level II – Advanced Application

Explores how singing exercises work…what they do and why. Expands learning protocols. Deepens the ability to choose exercises correctly to change vocal function. Clarifies vocal health questions. Explains “bodywork”. Examines style versus function.

Level III – Repertoire, Problem Solving and Voice Medicine

Presents a full medical lecture aimed at singing experts. Master classes with Broadway Music Director and Jazz Expert. Answers questions eabout pitch-matching, song interpretation and emotional expression.  Addresses what it means to teach  a human being who sings.

The LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ in Residence at Baldwin Wallace University will be offered at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland). Level I, July 22-24, Level II, July 25-27 and Level III, July 28-30,  2017.

Robert Doyle and Michelle Rosen, Senior Faculty

Benjamin Czarnota, Faculty Liaison

Guest Faculty:

  • Adam Rubin, MD, laryngologist
  • Claudio Milstein, PHD, speech language pathologist,
  • Thomas Murray, Broadway Music Director
  • Kate McGarry, jazz  vocalist
  • Suzan Postel, bodywork expert

To register please visit the Baldwin Wallace page.