For the medical specialist, Somatic Voicework™ provides a clear picture into the world of singers and singing training, giving you familiarity with real-life issues that today’s vocalists face. It will present to you healthy ways for vocalists and teachers of singing to address contemporary styles like jazz, rock, gospel, pop, folk, R&B, country, and alternative, thus opening the door for you to speak to your singing patients in terms they understand.

The course rests on voice science research, healthy vocal production, and interdisciplinary exchange and encourages interface with medical experts who are trained to deal with vocal problems that singers face. It includes two medical lectures by experts in the field who provide state of the art information about treating world-class vocalists in major cities.

Somatic Voicework also incorporates a “hands-on” approach allowing participants to explore singing with the support of faculty. As a medical doctor, you will be guided to make simple sounds for experimental purposes, in order to better relate to what your patients describe to you about their vocal health issues. While no performing is required, the opportunity to try out various kinds of sung sounds in a non-judgmental atmosphere, will not be found anywhere else in any other course.

Laryngologists who treat singers can learn a great deal about singing in just a few days.  This information will support your on-going work with vocalists who come to you as patients, using a language and protocols that you may not have encountered. You will leave with a broad comprehension of singing in contemporary styles, of singing vocal demands and requirements, of professional expectations and parameters and of variations of vocal productions that singers in each style must master.