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  • The Jacqui Alexander Singing Studio (JASS) is located in the beautiful town of Mollymook on the South Coast of NSW Australia. The studio is well equipped with professional Shure SM58 microphones, Boss amp; Yamaha speakers and Yamaha keyboard. While healthy voice production is paramount, and taught without amplification, most performances rely on sound equipment. Students learn to work with and operate the sound system in relation to their singing, and encouraged to understand the importance of the sound engineer’s role in their performance.

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    Jacqui started her career as a professional performer in cabaret and musical theatre. She started teaching voice over 20 years ago after her two daughters were born. Jacqui’s early start in the entertainment industry (age 4) has given her an insight and understanding to performing from the student’s perspective. She knows first hand about the young voice going through voice change, adolescence and maturity as a professional entertainer. The external pressures, the internal expectations and the self awareness, have all been roads Jacqui has travelled for herself. As a teacher, she has helped many young singers along the same journey. Jacqui still performs occasionally, both for the love of it and also to stay current with the demands on performers. Jacqui holds a high standard for herself as a teacher and works at keeping up to date with the latest studies and developments in understanding the human voice. There is always something more to learn!