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  • In my studio the focus is always on the partnership between the singer and me, that we work toward a common goal. I see myself as a guide and the outside ears and eyes that can observe what a singer does and then suggest other, better ways of singing. I have students of all ages and styles and a majority have come by recommendation from other satisfied singers. In Atlanta my students performed very well at competitions and festivals. Some sang in Barbershop quartets, others at the opera and at jazz gigs. Many of my younger students attended magnet schools of performing arts and are now successful in professional musical theatre. During their college years I was their summer voice teacher, helping to move forward or correct things that were not working. After my move to Sweden I have established my studio again and work hard to help the singers find a professional quality in whatever style they sing. I welcome the troubled singer and together we find a new and better way of singing that gives pleasure to both singer and audience.

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    I have a Masters degree from the University of North Texas majoring in classical voice and minoring in speech-language pathology. Since no CCM styles were taught in the voice department at UNT I took the opportunity to attend Somatic Voicework at Shenandoah in 2006 and have used both the teaching tools and the teaching principles that I learned there from Jeanie and staff. I have performed with the Atlanta Symphony Chorus and Chamber Chorus and experienced more than I could ever have hoped for with extensive touring and fantastic concerts of all styles and periods as well as multiple recordings. I simply love singing with others. I also have a small but satisfying solo career where I sing opera, musical theatre and jazz in appropriate styles and I make my own opportunities when nothing shows up!I ran a large independent voice studio in Atlanta, Georgia between 2002-2010. I then moved back to my native country, Sweden where I live now. I have established a studio here where I accept students of all levels and styles. I work with professional opera singers, jazz singers, pop singers, young voices and amateurs that sing for the love of it. I simply love helping others to find how their voice works the best, and sounds the best. The singers and I become partners and we work in a caring and encouraging environment. Apart from the studio, I also work at the Balett Akademien in Gothenburg teaching the dancers how to sing. In style and in their bodies!! An incredibly rewarding experience where small sounds become large and solid and takes the dancer from being "just a dancer" to being a singer as well. I continue my personal classical vocal studies with David L Jones and find that both Jeanie and David share the philosophy that it should be functional and healthy and in CORRECT style. I am grateful for their sharing of the wealth of information they have and I try to honor them by being the best teacher I can be, and to sing with a sound that is appropriate for each style.