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  • My teaching has a strong base in knowledge of the vocal instrument and its function, and I am certified in Somatic Voicework ™, the LoVetri Method. My priority is to find the approach that works for you, and to create the supportive atmosphere that will encourage you to grow. It is my goal to empower you to become your own best voice teacher, and that we should both have some serious fun in the process!Singing-Acting TrainingI offer small group classes designed to empower the singer-actor to realize his/her inherent potential. Acting while singing is an enormously complex undertaking, and involves the ability to transcend the mentality of "getting it right" (which is firmly ingrained by years of diligent study!) and, literally, to play on stage. Audiences want to be moved by the performances they see, and this can happen when the performer is both skilled and free enough to be truly expressive. The class provides performers with a safe place to explore their craft and to benefit from the feedback of both classmates and teacher. You will receive valuable information about what you're already doing that's effective as well as in which ways you need to stretch.We begin with a warm-up that exercises face, body, and voice and encourages a spirited, energized approach to discovery. An improvisatory element develops the crucial quality of spontaneity; we progress from group to brief solo exercises, and then to work with a pianist, centered around repertoire which generally ranges from musical theater to opera.This class is largely based on my extensive work with the late music theater director, Wesley Balk. His pioneer approach to the singing acting process is renowned and can be studied by way of his 3 published books- The Complete Singer-Actor, Performing Power, and The Radiant Performer. However, there is no substitute for personal experience and the ongoing physical exercise of this challenging and exciting process. I invite you to join me in the adventure!

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    My approach is based on thirty years of experience as a singer and teacher of many different styles, from Broadway, opera, and pop to folk, contemporary, and rock. In addition to teaching classical technique for opera and recital singers, I teach rock singers to preserve their vocal health, and classical singers to cross over to contemporary commercial styles. I work with singer-songwriters to find the freedom, expressive power, and individuality necessary for their success. My musical theater performers typically increase their range and control, and become much freer in auditions. An ordained cantor, I have worked with many cantors to optimize their technique and bimah presence. Children as young as seven, teens, and adults into their eighties find themselves comfortably at home in my Upper West Side studio, where I place a very high premium on the discovery process that is so unique to each person.