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  • I offer 4 main categories of teaching.

    1. The basic voice
    2. Song coaching
    3. Music theory
    4. Jazz improvisation

    What I teach varies depending on what the students goals are. I won’t be going over all the scientific aspects of voice function for a singer that wants to sing better at karaoke. Nor will I not set a long term goal, for a singer thats preparing for a gig in a week.

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  • Bio:

    Tak Iwasaki, residing in New York, is a singer, a profound improvisor, and a certified voice teacher from Somatic VoiceWork(TM)The LoVetri Method.He was one of the 3 finalists of the MCG Jazz Vocal Competition-The Gentlemen Sing (2013) in Pittsburgh. Also being one of the winners of the JFA Jazz Vocal Competitions(2013) in New York.Performing as a singer being Tak's main career, he has had the privilege to teach over 200 singers in the past 8 years. Back in Japan, he was a voice teacher at the BMF Music Factory, teaching voice and performance. In 2008, he was the Voice Teacher/Director in the Tsurumi-Musical. He has also taught/coached many chorus groups, gospel choirs, and has had many private students.In 2012, he was the producer/vocal director of a full album by singer M. Arthur Maeda.