Beware The Slick Packaging

Beware the Slick Packaging and The Hype

Lots of people sound like they have something really good to offer. If you are easily taken in by packaging, you can be duped. Sometimes things that look fancy and expensive, once you dig a bit, are still just junk.

There are currently an amazing number of teachers of singing on social media. Individuals who have great mastery of the internet do very well in promoting themselves and their work. They have an answer for everything. They have “tips” and “classes” and special instruction for singers and teachers of singing. They can solve every vocal problem and offer just the right information. They can also take your money and not help you at all and what can you do about that? If you get sold a bill of goods, who will help you get your dollars (or Euros, or whatever currency you have) back? [no one]

Slick Packaging Is Not A Guarantee Of Quality

You CANNOT learn to sing from a book, a tape, a video, a TV show or something you see on the internet. You can try out the information but if you do not have someone to listen to you and watch you, live and in person, you won’t know if you are applying what you’ve seen and heard in a way that works for quite some time. Those who offer to teach you in a group, without meeting you in person, and who have unlimited availability are, in my mind, suspect. True, they may not be harmful, but how much good they do remains to be seen over time.

You cannot learn to drive by reading a book. Nor can you learn golf  by watching someone else play the game. You cannot know how you are doing if you dance unless someone is there to help you. Same with painting or drawing.

Young people, you particularly, need to be careful. What you see on your mobile devices may not be helpful. Beware the person who has all the answers. Beware the slick packaging. Life isn’t like that and neither is singing.

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