How do we find clarity?

If you are in touch with your own goodness you will have clarity about what is and is not “right”. You will understand a few basic things that do not need to be proven or questioned. Those that live in any kind of dogma, any type of programming that comes from an outside source are bound to flounder. Sooner or later the ultimate moral authority has to come from being in touch within yourself with that which is inviolate. The light within which never dies is an unerring guide.

What is right? What is wrong? People get so lost around these basic issues. It is very simple if you live within your own goodness to understand the difference.

It is also the case that if you sing with freedom and ease, with connection to a clear message and a desire to communicate it honestly, if you breathe deeply and easily while you sing and you trust your throat and body to find the music through your voice, you don’t have to wonder about what is right and what is wrong, because your experience is its own answer. That which is right is that which allows you to live in the moment of making the music through your voice and that which is wrong is anything that stops the process.

You cannot sing if you do not listen within.

When we fall out of this awareness, and we all do, every day, all we need to do is pause and be still for a moment and it will return. It’s always there, in the silence, waiting for us to listen. If you do not listen, you cannot hear and if you cannot hear you cannot respond honestly. You cannot sing if you do not listen within. Many people do not and you can tell as soon as they open their mouths.

It is easy to lose track of your own integrity (truthfulness, trust, honesty, openness, forthrightness, etc.) if you start to manipulate others for personal gain. It is the beginning of a slide into darkness and loss. If you are in charge of a group of people and take them with you, you will cause great suffering. In the end, this can only eat away at your soul and eventually your body. Rent the movie, “The Picture of Dorian Grey” and you will get a good idea of how this works.

If you want to find clarity, keep yourself in touch with your own innate goodness. It will protect you and guide you to know what is right and to act upon  what is right, even when doing so is very hard and might cost you dearly. Following that which is of the highest good  can only lead to peace. Your singing will only benefit, and so will the hearts of all who hear you.

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