Coming Home To Your Voice

If you lose your way with your voice, which can happen as you are out around doing gigs and performances, you can feel “out of sorts” without necessarily having any vocal health issues. You can feel that your voice isn’t exactly what it should be and you can’t quite put your finger on why.

Of course, if you have never had a solid relationship with your voice in terms of it feeling free, open, comfortable and happy, then you might not miss it if it goes off. So many singers think that singing requires a huge amount of muscular effort (not in breathing but in the making of the sound) and that struggling to get the voice to go where it needs to go is normal. Of course, this is not true, but if you have nothing else to go by, you wouldn’t know.

If you have lost your “vocal home” you will understand what I am writing here. If you don’t know what your voice is or should be and you don’t like the way it feels or sounds or if you don’t feel any joy in your singing, be alert. Something is wrong. Very wrong. When you come back to your voice the way your voice should be, solidly but easily anchored in your body and heart, it is a great relief. If you can’t find that place, please get help. Don’t continue to be lost. Your voice is calling to you!

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