Conscious Singing

Most people do not fully understand the power and depth of sound as a creative force in the universe. Conscious singing, that is, being  a conscious sound-maker, or being one who brings forth the primary creative energy of the Universe, is an extraordinary experience. It is  simultaneously transformative to do and to hear.

Someone singing from the depth of his or her soul, pouring all mental and emotional energy into the sound and the intention of the words and music, is aligning with the energy of life itself. In the beginning was the Word or the Sound is real. Particularly for those who do not process the voice through any type of  electronic amplification, sound uttered in this manner carries an irresistibly riveting  magnetic energy.

In some traditions such as Indian, Islamic and Hebrew, the people who are the “keepers” of the sound understand this and are trained to be able to encompass it. It takes years of dedicated work to be able to “get out-of-the-way” and let the sound sing you. In order to be able hold and use such sounds, made through the physical body,  a singer must develop an exquisitely prepared mechanism, one that is both pure and strong.

Sometimes these people become famous singers, recognized in the world, but not always. Some are known only to small groups, some are never known. Those who dedicate their lives to generating sound as this level are moving the sub-atomic particles of the universe (as we understand it now). This requires the purest heart and the most profound willingness to serve the highest good with nothing asked in return. That there are people who do this could be hard to imagine but they do exist although they are very rare.

At this time, when our entire planet is being challenged by energy that is dark and forbidding, conscious singing is needed to help strengthen everything that is of love and light. If you respond at all to these words or if they seem to stir in your heart any awareness or desire to know what the words truly mean, you must listen to your intuition. Singing not for fame and fortune, not for recognition in the world but to transform daily life, asks for many spiritual qualities: dedication, perseverance, humility, courage, insight, clarity, open-heartedness, sacrifice and many other qualities. Singing consciouly  becomes a force for healing and for good. It lifts up those who hear it and it carries the vocalist on a stream of energy that is indescribable.

When ones sings from the source of sound in the Universe, out of, as it were, the heart of God, the entire planet hears and is energized, whether they are aware or not. If you are called to sing in this way, you will not find in the many popular methods of vocal training a quick answer in maneuvers to give you special effects as if you were a singing circus. You will not find answers on YouTube in the “trending” videos or on Facebook from teachers of singing who have thousands of “likes”. No. To find a teacher who can guide you on this specific path, you have to arrive at his or her studio through the guidance of the Universe itself. And do not be  quick to judge the book by the cover. Sometimes those who look least likely are the True Masters hiding their inner glory from the world. The light within cannot be seen with just your physical eyes and the information in your intellect.

Stand, if you will, in the light of your glorious, beautiful, effulgent, radiant voice. Do the necessary work to liberate it in and through your physical body, harnessing the depth and power of your breathing to the clear intention of your mind. Allow your sound to be the bridge between this world and the next, between your body and your soul. Allow the sound to be present in each moment by releasing it as it passes through you to die away after you utter it. Accept nothing less than that as truth and let what sounds you make in this way ring out to the world, if only in the solitude of your home. Be a conscious singer.

This is what is needed now on this earth. Now is the time. Are you called? If so, then seek and ye shall find.

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5 thoughts on “Conscious Singing”

  1. Woah!!! Jeanie! This gave me goosebumps. Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking forward to seeing you in Toowoomba in a couple of weeks. Xx

  2. Ah, truly sweet music to my ears and much delight to my soul, my body, my total being. This is what I’ve known from the age of four, when I sang my first solo, just didn’t have the language and wisdom and philosophy to express this as you have done so elegantly, and profoundly.

    I am a student of Lori Brown Mirabal, and she shared about how she met you and the impact you’ve had on her teaching, previously, but more in-depth in our lesson this morning. For her, and your phenomenal holistic, meaning pedagogical and creative strategies, I am so grateful — about to dance. Blessings upon you and your continued practice.

  3. Your words certainly resonate with me on many levels! You may not remember, but we corresponded via email a few years back–I was working in Dubai as an elementary music teacher at the time and you advised me on whether or not to get vocal nodes removed. Your encouragement gave me the peace of mind to go through with the surgery. The operation was a success and, after years of painful speaking and singing, I felt like I had been given the opportunity for a new beginning. Though I have not spent much time training my voice since then, I have spent a lot of time in mediation over the past 2 years. Through that practice, I have opened up in such a tremendous capacity. A huge part of that opening has led to small insights on how my voice could further help to expand all levels of my being as well as serve others, but you have so beautifully assembled those pieces of insight into a big picture in this post. Many thanks for pointing us on this journey of voice toward our greatest potential for expansion and connection. I am taking your workshop at BW this summer and I very much look forward to meeting and working with you!

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