Doing It All

You cannot do it all. You cannot be an excellent high belter, a fabulous classical soprano, a great Broadway singer, a star cabaret performer, a great metal rocker, a sultry jazz chanteuse, and gravely-voiced country singer and someone who specializes in early music. So, how is it that classical music (repertoire) will make you miraculously good at any and all of these?

If classical training were enough, then anyone who had had classical training would automatically be a great classical singer who could do lots of the styles above with no problem.

This silly situation is assumed to be normal, OK, correct, etc., by many teachers of singing. We will only be taken away from this nonsense as functional training takes a foothold in the hallowed halls of academia, and the good news is, folks, that day is just around the corner. The tide is really, finally, actually, definitely turning, and halleluia for that.

In another decade, when electronic music has finally infiltrated modern opera and opera houses like the Met, La Scala and Covent Garden (!!!), and when young people finally find good reason to go into opera houses (so that Euro-trash scenarios can please go away, not a moment too soon), then we will have rockera singers and classicommercial singers and everything in between. I can hardly wait. In the meantime, those who get functional training NOW will be way ahead of the game and they, in turn, will be the teachers of the next generation. Our Somatic Voicework™ teachers are getting this training now. I will be sad to miss most of this transition in the music world and in the voice studios everywhere, since I will be long dead, but I hope to be able to get the vibes, wherever I end up.

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