Educate: from the Latin Educere: to lead out. To bring up.

One who educates leads the way by shedding some light on the path. We bring others up by extending our hand. Hopefully. If you have a teacher who does not help you see the route, or help you walk upon it, question why you would work with that person.

Some have said that the word person comes from “per” (from/for) and “sonare” (to sound). We are our sound. Each human being is a sound, ringing in the universe. We are vibration and as long as we are alive we are vibrating, as is everything else in this universe. Elements have an atomic number which  uniquely identifies a chemical element. In an atom of neutral charge, the atomic number is also equal to the number of electrons. The atomic number of molybdenum is different from the number of plutonium. Each has its own weight. Just like you, they are all unique. They cannot be reduced down to a smaller component without destroying them in their original state.

If you teach something you need to know about it in every way. You need to understand how to draw someone out into that topic and help them make it their own, little by little. If you have not walked the path yourself, many times, and you have not discovered the hills and valleys you can’t really point out the hazards and the safe resting places. You cannot lead. You are not educating anyone.

To light the road you must be yourself full of the light of wisdom and you must be willing to be a sentinel shining the beams of knowledge on those who come to you in a dim foggy state. Remember that making yourself a true educator — one who offers his or her understanding to others is a great privilege. Be a shining star for your students. Draw them out, bring them up into the world of knowledge. Educate them.



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