Functional Training Goes Mainstream

There are several new books out that herald functional vocal training. They offer exercises aimed at specific issues or criteria and are based in science, in reality and in usefulness. Well, Halleluiah! It’s about time.

On the other hand, there are still plenty of loose screw teachers out there who, even with a great book full of functional information, wouldn’t be able to work with function if they were on TV in front of millions of people. Often, I feel it is these people who get the publicity.

It has been suggested to me recently that I do the social media thing. I should “tweet”, I have been advised. I should “Facebook”. I should get on “In Sync”.

I’m thinking about it. I know I am a dinosaur, and I have no real interest in such things, but the folks who want me to be out there are telling me that it is “the way to go”. Generally, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

But, to be my own devil’s advocate —

If what we want is to help functional vocal training go mainstream and what we need is for the average person who sings or teaches singers to understand functional information, and if we need people to take a stand for what works and they can do that on social networks, doesn’t it make sense that this is a good thing?

There has been a big push from all fronts about helping people learn to eat healthier foods and it finally seems to be working. Low income children are gaining weight at a slower pace than they used to. Maybe Mrs. Obama’s program has helped with that, but there are many other contributors to the idea that we all need to eat less red meat and more vegetables, exercise more and drink water, not soda. The visibility of these issues and the availability of the information around them has been a vital ingredient in helping things change.

It makes sense, then, to help publicize the issue of the availability of functional vocal training for singers by any available means. If doing the “social media thing” helps the cause, I guess I can learn to deal with “Tweety-Weety” and “MyFace” and “Inmysink”. I don’t have to grin when I do that, but you won’t see me, so it doesn’t matter!

New slogan: Help Functional Vocal Training Go Mainstream! Hooray, Vocal Folds! Go Team Larynx! Hashtag, Rah, Rah Rah!

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2 thoughts on “Functional Training Goes Mainstream”

  1. Yes Jeanie – how can we help you get Twittering? I think it’s the easiest – it’s short and can reach so many people. You could have a vocal function blurb of the day or something like that…In Your FaceBook can be very useful too. you are already writing a blog – you can link to that. You have so much to say and have always wanted to be heard – the cyber world is your oyster!

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