Giving Thanks

Most of us who sing don’t think much about our voices until and unless something goes wrong. Then, we think about them BIG TIME. Only those who have had a brush with serious or permanent damage understand what a terrible loss it is to have something that we enjoy taken away from us, perhaps forever. A dreadful prospect.

Singing is such a sensuous experience. Done well, it feels so good. It is physically satisfying, like a great dessert or wine. Singing is joyful, being as it is an expression of the most personal kind, full of emotion, communication, meaning and the desire to share all of that with others.

Since we don’t know why anyone sings…..why it is possible or what causes it to emerge…..and since there are still so many people who don’t sing, believing they can’t or shouldn’t, or who just don’t want to….those of us who sing are very privileged to do so. We have a gift that isn’t yet available to everyone (although it certainly could be).

Those who teach singing have an obligation to make the process of learning one that is empowering, enriching and enjoyable. In passing on the pleasure that singing has given us to others, we ought to be searching for ways to help others increase their vocal and musical abilities in the most effective way possible. Teachers who manage to accomplish this are esteemed by their students, and rightly so. Gratitude flows effortlessly when the heart is full.

This week, as we give thanks for all of our many blessings, let us not forget to be grateful for song, for singing, for singers and for teachers of singing. Each of us would be a lesser person if it were not for our ability to live within the music that flows from our throats. Let us be very thankful for what we have.

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