In The Beginning Was The Sound!

In The Beginning Was The Sound!

The most popular theory about the origin of the universe is that it began 14 billion years ago with a “Big Bang”. In the beginning was the sound.

Everything in the universe is sound. Everything vibrates. From the smallest sub-atomic particles to the galaxies as they give off radioactivity (which comes to us as sound), everything is moving, so everything is making sound.

Sound is, therefore, literally, the foundation of the universe. What is the primary sound of the human being? An inhalation and an exhalation. Sound. We are the sound of breath, going in and out, from alpha to omega. All the sounds of humanity: gurgles, grunts, guffaws, shouts, laughs, cries, sobs, screams, giggles, moans…..all universal to every language and every country.

What you say in your mind also matters.

Therefore, your voice, as sound in the universe that you and others hear, is a driving generative force in the world at large, but particularly in your world. When you couple your voice with emotion and intention, it is the single most powerful force you have in your life. [read last sentence again]. What you say in your mind, to yourself, all day long, also matters, as it is a kind of self-creation. Most of us don’t notice the mental chatter unless we learn to meditate and quiet the mind. Then, in silence, we can begin to see that we are, indeed, alive without thought. That which is there in the silence is presence itself. It is in this peaceful emptiness that there begins to be an understanding of the world “ego” as an aspect of self connected to an identity called me or I. That part thinks of itself as being real. No, it is the aspect that lives in the silence that is the real self. Some people never experience that at all. If you identify with your corporal self and its foibles you go down a slippery slope. Listening to silence, being silence, breaks you free from that delusion.

If you sing, letting go of your identity, and immersing yourself in the music, the words, and the sound of your voice as sound, you are living in the essence of life, moment to moment. That’s why it is a sublime experience and why it is that when it occurs, it is memorable. If you happen to be listening, it is also extraordinary to hear.

What you sing, is magical.

Remember that musician and magician have the same roots as words. (From the ancient Greek: magike, derived from tekhe or art [as in from the muses]). If you want your music to be magical, you need to understand what it is that casts a spell.  Pay attention to the sound for the sound’s sake. Go to the source. Remember, in the beginning was the sound. Begin with your sound. It is a very special path.

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