Internet Popularity

We all know that being popular on social networks is one of today’s highest achievements. If you have lots of followers or people who “like” you, you have it made!

Unfortunately, being popular doesn’t mean very much of anything except that you are popular on the social media. It isn’t an indication of anything else. Young people, particularly, are vulnerable to messages they get from those who are posting themselves on YouTube, as it can seem impressive to be able to put forth information as an “expert”. But who determines if the expert is one or not?

Therefore, in this day and age, now perhaps more than ever, let the buyer beware. [caveat emptor] Do not swallow anything from the internet no matter who is putting the message out unless you check  the information another way. Just because someone claims to “know” something or have “answers” doesn’t mean that they do. Particularly if you are new to singing, look around before you “sign up” for information (even if it is free) or give your commitment to a system of training that seems to offer “all the answers”.

Remember, the most famous doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals are typically the ones that do not advertise, promote their work or proselytize themselves in any way. They do not have to do that because people seek them out and come to them based entirely on their reputations, not just with the public, but with their peers. That endorsement is far better than blindly following someone on YouTube who gives incorrect, confusing, or just plain old-fashioned information. Caveat emptor. 

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