"Not In Your Body"

In reading about “out of body” experiences, and I have read as much as I can on that topic, one thing that almost always shows up is that the person having this kind of experience sees him or herself “floating above their body”. They are watching their bodies while they are hovering above them.

Can we “leave” the body while it is still alive? What would that be about?

People who have been in accidents or have had other sudden trauma occur often report they are watching the entire experience as if in slow motion from the outside, as if the event were a movie. During this time, it is as if they are not “in their bodies”.

Now, either you believe this is possible or you don’t. If you don’t, and I don’t want to convince you as it really doesn’t matter, you can think of the entire episode as a dream. Most people seem to accept the idea that we dream. The reaction, whether it be literal and real or a dream, is frequently caused by a strong stimulus. It could be possible, in some kind of “altered” state, to be alive but not really connected to the body in the usual sense. It would be the opposite of what I wrote about a few posts ago — being “in touch” with the body and its sensations. It would be a state in which you are not in your body, you are in some way watching it from a distance. It is as if “you” are “out of your body”. (Don’t ask me to explain who is doing the watching, since someone obviously is).

As a performer, you do not want to be “out of your body” in any sense of the phrase. You do not want to watch yourself go through the motions of singing or hear yourself as if you were someone else. You do not want to feel removed from the experience as if you were floating above your body while it sings. You want to be fully present, awake and aware of your body and its responses to the music and the words.

And, if there are parts of your body that you cannot feel, or don’t much pay attention to, you would be benefitted by knowing that and changing it. If you can’t feel a part of your body, it will “die” in your consciousness and eventually it will be so far away from your own awareness as to be effectively not there.

You need to be in touch with and IN your body to sing. You need to experience being alive while you are singing, and you need to know when you are not present and why.

A lot to contemplate.

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