Relying On Outside Help

If you get used to relying on Autotune or the latest version thereof, or on the sound man or the microphone, the monitors, the click track or anything outside of your own body, sooner or later, that is going to be a path to disaster, no matter how famous you are.

If you don’t understand your own voice, or how you make sound, or what the consequences of singing in a certain way (good or bad) are, especially over time — if you don’t know how to take care of your voice when it isn’t in good shape, if you don’t care about how you sound in a public performance, and if you expect others to accommodate your problems by fixing them for you, you are going to fall in a big hole one day and not know how to crawl out.

The lack of respect for the voice and body generally comes from naiveté or blind ignorance. Crashing your voice into a big wall is a tough way to learn about it, but it happens frequently enough. If you do not have people around you who are knowledgeable about vocal health and maintenance or you have them and pay them no attention, you are causing your own problems. Youth is sometimes an excuse for ignoring your own self-care, as it seems to be an endemic problem (feeling invincible), but when you are in your 40s, it seems like you might have learned along the way another response.

Fear of training, which I have written about here a number of times, could keep you from seeking proper instruction about singing and fear of “hearing something bad” could keep you away from the throat specialist, but both of those are poor choices. Singers who don’t know how to be healthy and maintain vocal stability, who expect to manage the demands of a busy career, are kidding  themselves. They are being irresponsible.

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