Singing For Angels’ Ears

What if the sounds you make could be heard by angels? What if they were invisibly there, listening to you? Would that matter to what you were doing?

If thought is energy (we know this since it can be measured now with electronic instruments and various kinds of scans), and if energy can neither be created nor destroyed (thank you, Mr. Einstein), then every thought you have is still floating around in the universe somewhere, maybe even inside your own grey matter. Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

If the words we utter can never be retracted, and if their impact can never really be undone, shouldn’t we be taught to pay attention to what we say and how we say it from the first day we  say “mamma”?

I have been writing about “mindfulness” lately (along with everyone else). What is that? Mindful means being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it. It means that you operate in each moment with awareness. You think about what you say, how you act and the consequences those activities have, before and during the action. It’s rare that anyone actually does that.

What you say to yourself, both in your mind and out loud, matters. If a lot of it is negative and judgmental, it will cause you to look at life,  particularly your own, in a depressed way. Read the last two sentences again out loud.

Some people don’t want to trust the universe, they don’t find it benign. Some people don’t want to be open-hearted, loving and kind, they would rather be suspicious, cold and mean. Some people don’t care to put the good of the whole above their own personal gain. And some people would rather try to control life than let it flow through beautifully as it does. Those people relate to singing methods that promote squeezing something in their throats or bodies. They like the idea that holding on inside themselves protects their message or uniqueness.

In point of fact, the opposite is true. The freer the sound the more likely it will be to be healthy and also to convey honest emotion. The more the sound will ring true when you tell your truth. Why, why would anyone want anything else as a vocal artist????

You can sing however you want to sing.  Not everyone is interested in singing freely and telling the truth. Not everyone cares what kinds of things (words and intentions) she says to herself all day long. Not everyone “believes” in angels. If, however, you do care or maybe would like to care, then I invite you to try being mindful and conscious for just one day, watching what you say and how you say it for all your waking hours (both in your head and out loud). What you tell yourself is true. It is what it is. Unless you actually have two separate voices in your head (which is a mental illness) there isn’t anyone in there but you.

Watch how you sing and how it sounds to you. Sing as if “the angels” were real and are there with you……….treat your sound, both words and music, inside and outside your head, as if it is sacred and powerful. See what happens.

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