Somatic Voicework™ and Classical Singing

For a very long time I stayed away from talking about classical singing using my method, Somatic Voicework™, because I had had so much trouble in that community over the years. I decided it was easier if I just stuck to talking about CCM styles and stayed away from all things classical. It’s time now to own up and tell the truth.

Somatic Voicework™ is just as useful for classical singing as it is for any style. Since I stopped taking technique lesson at 29 and have managed to keep my own classical singing going since then, the thing that kept it going was Somatic Voicework™. I have spoken to numerous classical teachers of singing who have informed me that Somatic Voicework™ has helped their classical singing and teaching immensely. It is based on function and as long as you understand the difference in function between classical music and other kinds of styles you can use it very effectively to work either way.

If you don’t understand the difference between function and style, and many people do not, then you would not be able to tell the difference in how to use the exercises and make them work either way. You will be confused on both sides of the equation. You can’t blame that on Somatic Voicework™.

Good classical singing has specific parameters functionally and clear boundaries musically. It is up to each individual to figure out what they are, through training and life experience and to do something with them such that you meld skill with artistry.

If you are someone who needs a way to anchor your thoughts about voice into a codified, organized approach that does not invalidate traditional classical vocal pedagogy in any way, you would be interested in Somatic Voicework™. If you want to hear good classical singers using these tools to sing in other styles as well, come to Shenandoah in July and join us for our 11th year of Somatic Voicework™ training. You will meet people from all over the country and several foreign countries who will be there to have fun, learn new things, and share in an atmosphere that is open, friendly, and supportive. Go to for further information.

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