Speech Language Pathologists

If you are a Speech Language Pathologist who is interested in singing or works with singers, particularly professional vocalists, Somatic Voicework™ would appeal to you because of its grounding in voice science research, its emphasis on healthy vocal production, its application of vocal acoustics and its strong emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange. The full course provides two medical lectures by world-recognized otolaryngologists, an opportunity that is rare to find in any program about singing.

The three speech language pathologists that have been or are on faculty at are research based and have presented nationally in science conferences. Each specializes in voice related therapy and two are also professional singers who just happen to be belters but are also trained in classical singing.

Somatic Voicework™ is offered at five universities. It’s home base is Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA, where the three tiered full course is offered exclusively. It is possible to take the Level I training at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, and City College in New York City. It is the only course for teachers of singing offered in music, theater, jazz and voice departments.

All but one of the courses offers CEUs for SLPs and that will soon change to include every university program.

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  1. Thank you for you information. I am a singer and voice and speech coach in Jamaica. I am preparing to make a presentation on voice and gait this week and so your approach is a suitable platform. I had a similar idea as a singer. I found that I sang better if I ‘got in touch with my body’. The LoVetri Method takes this idea a step further! Hope to visit one of the universities in future. All the best.

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