The individuals who teach Somatic Voicework™ are the leaders in the field of singing teaching. They are the individuals who care deeply about the excellence of their teaching, and of their students’ well-being and success. They care about the quality of teaching throughout the profession, and are raising the bar in terms of expectations for teachers.

They come from all backgrounds, all parts of the USA and 10 foreign countries. They are of all ages and all levels of experience from new teachers starting out and teachers of more than 4 decades of experience. Most of them teach in schools…..junior high school, high school, college, graduate school and many of them are also teachers with a private practice as well. Almost all of them have been classically trained, although a few come without that background, since they are either primarily pianists who conduct choirs or vocalists who have other styles as their chosen expertise. We have many jazz teachers, as well as gospel, folk, pop/rock and Broadway performers who are teaching Somatic Voicework™.

Many of the teachers hold masters and doctoral degrees and are in positions of responsibility in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) at local, state, and regional levels, and many are heads of departments for city music programs and departments of voice or vocal performance at universities and conservatories. Many are published authors of books, research papers and pedagogy articles in voice and music journals. Many are acknowledged professionally as singers, having performed in major venues in all styles of music all over the world.

The people who are certified to teach Somatic Voicework™ are the teachers who believe that the body and the voice are not limited and that it is possible to healthily and responsibly train anyone who so wishes to sing in a variety of styles, no matter which styles they may be.