7654097568_342466e592_n“This method makes complete sense to me, and is what I’ve been looking for since I started teaching. It is exciting to me both as a teacher and a performer to see the possibilities Jeanie’s method can provide.”
– Jessica Baldwin, Voice Faculty, Marietta College

“Jeanie LoVetri has come up with a brilliant method that works for classical singers transitioning to CCM styles. Her Solution Sequence® is a great guide and so helpful for teaching, as well as self-diagnosis.”
– Julie Dean, Private Voice Instructor, Charlotte, North Carolina

“A truly life changing experience.”
– Dolly Stevens, Acting/Vocal Coach, The Spotlight Studio for Musical Theatre

“Jeanie has a very well planned and thoughtful method that is practical in every sense. She and her equally able faculty are patient and eager to share that which they know.”
– Tommy Watson, Associate Professor of Music, Anderson University South Carolina

“Solid information that is logical, useful and current. I am thrilled with the open, collegial environment.”
– Leanne Koch, Private Voice Instructor, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Jeanie’s method makes sense. This isn’t ‘smoke and mirrors’-these are straight forward, function-based exercises that work. The students get out of their heads and into their body, the frustration disappears, and the voice flows freely. Who could ask for anything more?”
– Matthew Edwards, Voice Faculty, Shenandoah University

“In addition to the physiology, Jeanie gave us some wonderful pedagogical skills for our own studio. I felt empowered by Jeanie’s encouragement to trust our instincts.”
– Kassy Coleman, Executive Director, The Soul’s Song LLC

“This is an extremely valuable course that all singers, voice teachers, choral directors and vocal coaches should take to understand that healthy singing exists in all music if done correctly.”
– Michael Morgan, Assistant minister of music, Episcopal Cathedral of Incarnation-Baltimore, Maryland.

“I’ve been searching for tools to help mold the sound of the choral ensemble for which I am responsible. This workshop has delivered the tools in spades!”
– Milt Friesen, Choral director, Crosswinds, Fresno Pa