It is very easy in this materialistic society in which we have deliberately shortened the day of giving thanks so that we can shop, to forget how much most of have to be grateful for. We live in a culture that favors the very rich — one that likes violence, greed, and a very low common denominator for “entertainment”. Nevertheless, there is still more good here than not and much more kindness, generosity and love than gets acknowledged in any media.

Those of us who sing, whether it be for fun or professionally, know that singing is a universe. It is a teacher, a guide, an adventure, a surprise, a challenge, a mystery and an enigma all at the same time. Those of us who sing can easily take that ability for granted, and that should never happen. Many people would love to sing but experience that it is difficult, or that they just sound “bad” and choose to keep quiet, even when they are alone. Some people have, for all sorts of reasons, lost the ability to sing, or even, in cases of accident or illness, lost the ability to speak, and if you ask them, they will tell you that this is a dreadful loss.

There is nothing more wonderful than to hear a child sing, in innocence and joy, or to hear someone who has lived a very long life, do the same with awe and wonder.

The gift of song that you carry around with you, always there, always free, always available, and the gift that is the very same for every person on earth who also sings, is priceless. Always remember, every single day, to be very conscious of all that singing is and give thanks for what it provides you and others, every time you hear a melody arise from your own throat.

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