The Unfolding Mystery

Why do I do what I do when I do it and in the way I do it? What leads me seamlessly from one vocal exercises to another such that at the end of a bunch of them, the student suddenly sings better?

Beats me.

Really. I wish I could articulate what goes on, but it long ago it became a “mindless” behavior, insofar as there is no “word thinking” going on in my head most of the time. I am operating via my own intuition or instinct. I am “listening” to the person’s body and “sensing” the person’s voice. I get my direction from them. I do not live in my head when I teach, and I stay “in the moment”, in each sound as it comes.

I would love to be able to articulate the “why” better. I am working on that. I would love to be able to explain why I do this particular exercise, for this particular reason, for this amount of time, on these notes, at this volume, using this vowel, but as of yet, I cannot do so well enough to be as helpful as I would like. I can only give guidance to teachers to be in the ballpark and have a well educated guess. I can and do explain what exercises do what from a functional place, but I don’t have a grid for helping teachers choose better beyond that. But I will………give me some more time.

The process as it happens to me is influenced by my years of study, work and teaching of psychic healing. I was trained to hear “inner” or “psychic” sound and to direct it through my mind for the “healing” or “well-being” of others. I also taught a voice/healing class for over 15 years, both in the USA and Europe. I know that vocal sound is transformative and that making sound is a deeply healing experience when the sounds can pass through the throat without restriction. It is also deeply healing to hear such sounds, regardless of whether or not they have a musical context.

If you are teaching singing and are not yet fully able to live in your own intuition, be patient. You will if it is your intention to do so. Listen to what you feel. Feel what you see. Look for what you are hearing. Stay quiet and open.

The sound will take you everywhere you need to go. Courage!

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