To Educate

The meaning of the word educate comes from the Latin educare, which in turn came from educere, “to bring out” or “to lead”. The word teach comes from Old English and means “to show, point out” or “declare, persuade, warn”. To learn is also from the Old English and means “to get knowledge, be cultivated”, from a base of “finding the track”, or from another source, “having knowledge gained by study”. Finally, guide means “to lead or conduct” from the Old French, and also “to show the way”.

Then, are not all who teach guides, those with knowledge gained by study, who lead the way, and bring out or cultivate something in others? Who then, is a true teacher, who teaches by false knowledge gained from no study, from guessing? Can there be any leading when such a soul has not personally trod the path, gained the way of knowing?

Those who teach with an open heart happily share what they have gleaned through personal experience to lighten the load of another who seeks to walk the same path. They stand as “guardians” “marking the way”, pointing out the pitfalls, the hazards, the shortcuts and the straightest paths, helping those who follow to walk with greater safety, peace and ease. Important, this, the opportunity to lend a helping hand to another hapless, and often younger, traveler. A responsibility and at the same time a precious gift.

Whoa, then to those who pose as guides, wearing the cloak of grandma while they are, underneath, the wolf. Let those who pose thusly, those who would falsely point the way, understand that they will be found out and discovered for what they truly are…….dishonest devourers of innocents. Yea, the very ones whom they mislead will turn against them and say, “I have gone where you have sent me and it does not end in the place that I have sought to be”.

Beware, teachers, of what you teach. Speak only what you have lived and know to be true. There is no other course.

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