Writing? Writing!!

Over the past several years I have encountered so many teachers who have had wonderful experiences learning to work with CCM and with Somatic Voicework. Each has a personal point of view and has incorporated my work into his or her own work in their own special manner. Since the point of my work is to give teachers tools, and not to create “Jeanie clones” I am encouraged by these developments and so hope that each person will give support and encouragement to all the others. To that end, I have asked those who are graduates of my course (and those who are doing this work on their own with none of my training) to write about their experiences. So far, only one person has done so. I am baffled by this. Why will no one put pen to paper? Surely it isn’t because there is nothing to write.

In our society, we validate things by writing about them and by putting them into the various media (TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, and internet). The written word carries with it a certain weight that nothing else matches. People, where are your articles? What are you afraid of? Why are you reluctant?

Each person matters. Each person’s experience matters. Each person’s opinion counts and adds to the opinion of others (especially in a democracy). If we are to make a change in teaching, we can only do so by stating that, and by making an effort to state it in a public place.

Be bold, folks. Step up to the plate. Get those ideas out of you head and on to a piece of paper (or monitor). NOW is the time.

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